school busses lined up at Rock Springs Nature Center

Decatur Audubon Society Funding Bus Transportation and Programs at Macon County Conservation District

Decatur Audubon Society is funding up to $10,000 towards bus transportation for the 2023-24 school year to Rock Springs Nature Center or any of the five Macon County Conservation Areas, or towards in-classroom programs with Conservation District staff.

This grant applies to any school in Macon County, or those serving students living in Macon County, as well as other area schools. Funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and can be used toward:

  • Bus transportation to Rock Springs Nature Center or any of the five Macon County Conservation Areas,
  • In-classroom programs presented by a District naturalist, or
  • Virtual Zoom programs facilitated by a District naturalist.

To learn more or to participate in this program, teachers should inquire about the Audubon Transportation and Program Grant when scheduling their field trip with Alysia Callison, Director of Program Services at 217-423-7708. Educators can browse Conservation District field trip opportunities at

“Decatur Audubon feels that getting children out in nature or introducing them to nature topics by bringing presentations into the classroom is extremely important right now,” says Connie Requarth, President of the Decatur Audubon Society. “Decatur Audubon is very pleased to assist in that effort.”

“Learning about nature and local history can help instill an appreciation and love of our natural world that can stay with children for a lifetime,” says Director of Program Services, Alysia Callison. “It is our privilege to work with the Decatur Audubon Society to provide that opportunity to local schoolchildren.”

With the addition of this generous grant, the Decatur Audubon Society will have funded over 80 school buses to Macon County Conservation District sites since 2017.

Learn more about the Decatur Audubon Society at, or find them on Facebook.

Published On: August 28, 2023