Summer Camps for Kids at Macon County Conservation District

Research shows that children who play outside are more physically active, more creative in their play, less aggressive, and exhibit better concentration (Children & Nature Network).  Help your children connect with nature by enrolling them in a Conservation District summer camp.

Our camps provide the perfect setting for fun, well-supervised opportunities for children to interact with nature. Campers don’t just hear about nature, they go out and explore our planet. They’ll wet their feet wading in a creek, touch a frog, or catch their first fish.

For over 35 years, since 1982, children have enjoyed memorable camp experiences with the Macon County Conservation District. Our experienced staff provide a safe, caring atmosphere with age appropriate activities for children ages 1-15.

Too old for camp?  Adults and teens (ages 13-17) can assist with camp activities as volunteers. For more information, visit the volunteer page. All applicants are screened and must attend volunteer training prior to helping with camp.

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Year-Round Nature Camps

Mini Camps – All Year

Ages 1-5 with an adult buddy
Mini Camps are held year-round. In camp, children ages 1-5 explore nature with an adult buddy through crafts, activities, songs, and stories. Each camp typically includes a snack and 15-20 minutes of outdoor activities.These camps provide a great stepping stone for little ones to spend time with other children and have the comfort of a loved one nearby.

Summer Camps

Earth Adventures

Ages 6-12
Children explore the natural world with hands-on activities: see through a bug’s eye view, discover how volcanoes work, swim, canoe, hike, dig in the dirt, and gain an appreciation for nature.

Adventure Club

Ages 5-12
Join in on Earth Adventures once a week on Tuesday mornings, from 9am to noon. Activities include canoeing, hiking, games, and crafts.

History Camp

Ages 6-12
Take a trip back in time and learn about Life in the 1800s. In this new camp, children will discover the differences between today’s modern conveniences and the ways of life from 200 years ago.

X-treme Camp

Ages 10-15
Older kids seeking more adventure will enjoy these four unique day trips, with activities like horseback riding and rock climbing.