Big Tree Search

Trees provide shade, oxygen, and beauty to our community. They improve our air and water quality by filtering pollutants from ground water and capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They also provide habitat and food for wildlife, and on average add 10% to a property’s value.

We need your help updating the Big Tree Registry, and encourage you to nominate big trees. The tree you nominate may even qualify as a state or national champion!

The Big Tree search is a great opportunity for you to explore your outdoors, and search for trees in your backyard, neighborhood, and parks. It is easy to participate and only requires a tape measure. The best way to start your search is to measure the circumference, the distance around the trunk of the tree, at four and a half feet above the ground. This is a major factor in the tree’s final score, along with tree height and crown width.

Please keep in mind that only the largest tree of each species nominated will become a county champion. Besides white oak, some of the larger species growing in Macon County include eastern cottonwood, black walnut, red and bur oak, silver and sugar maple, and sycamore.

Nominations are accepted each year until August 1, with champions announced the following spring. Trees that qualify as a potential champion will be officially measured by Conservation District staff. The nominator and owner of the biggest tree of each species will receive a certificate establishing their tree as a Macon County Big Tree.

Nomination form with measuring instructions

Current Big Tree champions