Living Green: Fun & Leisure

Green Parties & Holidays

Invites: Save money and resources by sending invites via email or text.

Decorations: Skip the paper and plastic, and decorate with natural items.  For example, for Christmas, you might consider natural items such as: evergreens, pinecones, or seasonal houseplants.

Party supplies: Use reusable dishes, utensils, and cloth napkins. Rent or borrow items you won’t need more than once, like large punch bowls and chafing dishes.

Food: Try cooking with gas and electric grills instead of charcoal ones, as they are better for the environment. Shop at the local farmers market and buy a wide array of fruits and vegetables for your guests.

Gifts: Pack gifts in reusable bags, or get creative by wrapping them with newspapers or homemade wrapping paper. If you dread shopping for gifts and wrapping them, or your friends and family already have too much stuff: Do something green by making a donation in their name to their favorite charity.  For a list of great local charitable organizations, visit The Community Foundation of Macon County.

Trash: Be sure to recycle all items that are not reusable, like bottles and cans.  And at the end of the year, don’t forget to compost your Christmas tree and recycle broken Christmas lights!

Green Children’s Activities

Here are some ways to get your kids involved in taking care of their earth:

  • Give them “green bucks” for an allowance to spend on a planet-friendly charity of their choice.
  • Cuddle up and read a children’s book on the topic – The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is a great choice.
  • Go on a hike at your local conservation area and introduce your children to the different ecosystems.
  • Visit the Rock Springs Nature Center to learn about native animals or sign-up for one of the many family activities.

Continue Greening Yourself

Explore environmental issues so you can make informed eco-friendly decisions for you and your family. Surf the web, read a good book, or watch a documentary to arm yourself with ideas and knowledge.

Use the power of the ballot box to send a clear message to elected officials about your concern for water, wildlife, and a sustainable way of life. Browse the environmental record of potential candidates, and let them know what you think.

Get involved in the environmental issues that affect your community. Send your still usable clothing and household items to local resale shops, take advantage of curbside recycling opportunities, and take the rest of your recyclable items to the recycling center once a month. Compost the leaves in your yard, and participate in community clean up days.

Become a member of your favorite environmental organization, such as the Macon County Conservation Foundation, and support their efforts.

Improve Macon County’s natural areas by volunteering with the Macon County Conservation District.