Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Lending Trunks

Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Lending Trunks are available at Rock Springs Nature Center. Educators may use these kits free of charge for up to two weeks. Call 217-423-7708 to reserve. Kits must be picked up at Rock Springs Nature Center.

Lending Trunks

Field Trip Pack
This backpack includes many items to assist your early childhood students as they explore nature. Hands-on equipment will encourage self-initiated learning. Suggestions for teachers on how to incorporate natural-resources activities into your lessons are also included.
Who: Grades P through 3

Illinois Insects and Spiders Trunk
Insects and spiders fascinate students. Encourage them to learn more about these organisms by using the resources in this kit. Books, DVDs, student activities, field guides, posters, insect/spider observation equipment and a video are just some of the items included.
Who: Grades P through 6

People and Animals from Illinois’ Past Trunk
Prehistoric mammals, extirpated mammals and Native Americans’ relationship with nature are the subjects of this resource trunk. Contents include: mammoth and mastodon tooth replicas, Native American games, activities, posters, replica pottery, a video, reference and activity books.
Who: Grades P through 6

Illinois Birds Resource Trunk
Stop and listen to one of nature’s instruments with this kit filled with field guides, books, track and egg replicas, DVDs, videos, CDs with bird songs and calls, and even bird replicas that sing.
Who: Grades P through 8

Illinois Wild Mammals Trunk
Discover Illinois mammals with this kit! Pelts, skulls, replica tracks and scat and many other interesting items are sure to be a hit with your students.
Who: Grades P through 12

Illinois’ State Symbols Resources Trunk
Illustrate the Illinois State Symbols and the significance behind these symbols with this trunk. There’s an Illinois Facts section, too.
Who: Grades K through 6

Illinois Prairie Resource Trunk
Teach about prairies and the people who inhabited them with this trunk. Field guides, activity books, reference manuals, bison artifacts, numerous lessons, CDs and other items are included for your use.
Who: Grades K through 8

Illinois Trees Resource Trunk
This kit is jam-packed with books, posters, “tree cookies,” lumber samples, videos, to help you learn about Illinois trees.
Who: Grades K through 10

Illinois’ Invasive Species Resource Trunk
Invasive species is an important topic. What are they? How did they get here? What problems do they cause? What can we do about them? These questions can be answered by using the Illinois’ Invasive Species
resources trunk. Contents include student activities, background information, images, lessons, field guides, specimens and other items.
Who: Grades 3 through 12

Illinois Fossils Resource Trunk
This kit emphasizes Illinois fossils. Includes fossil molds, fossil hunt kits, reference collection, field guides, posters, activities, and a video.
Who: Grades 4 through 8

Aquatic Illinois Resource Trunk
Discover the secret life of water with this kit. Children will explore the biological, historical, chemical, and other aspects of water through books, posters, water sampling tools, videos, DVDs and activities.
Who: Grades 5 through 9

How to Make Reservations for Educational Programs

You may make reservations for all Macon County Conservation District programs and services by calling 217-423-7708, Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. Programs can be booked for any day of the week (Monday through Sunday). Reserve well in advance to secure the dates you want.